Suggested Quantities for Catering Orders

You may find this guide helpful when ordering a-la-carte.   If you are ordering from menu #1, 2, 3 and VIP the food quantities are determined by Holyland.

Item Description Qty per person
Sauce 2 oz per person
Hummus & Baba ghanouj 3 oz per person
Salad 3 oz per person
Falafel (or) Samosa 1.5 pc per person
Spinach pie 1 pc per person
Olives & Pickles 1 oz person
Grape leaves 1.5 pc per person
Meat Gyro (or) Chicken gyro 8 oz per person. (8 oz. is only if you are ordering one meat item. If you are ordering more than one meat item then quantity per person is 5 oz.)
Rice 5 oz per person
Bread 1 pc per person
Kabob & Shrimp 1 stick per person
Sautéed Vegetables 8 oz per person
Dessert 1 pc per person

*** 1Lbs = 16 oz.